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The Food Pantry is always in need of donated food.  Some needed items:  Paper goods, toiletries, fruit cocktail, cereal, instant mashed potato, au gratin potato, coffee and tea.

What if we could get a group of women, or men, or teens to each knit (or crochet) one sweater.  If we had 50 people each knit just one sweater we would have 50 sweaters.  Wow!!!  Just think about the impact we could make.  

These sweaters are very simple to make.  We will give you the pattern and the yarn.  They will keep children around the world warm.  Think about it.  Can you join us in warming the children?  Let’s try to get 50 sweaters by Easter.  We can do it.  For more information, please call the church office and ask for Jean.

Knit (Crochet) For Kids Project

Sunday, February 14th   

Valentine Breakfast

$5.00 Adults   $3.00 Children